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The Outs

I had first seen a few photo posts on Tumblr as well as a few articles about Adam Goldman’s web show, The Outs, before I decided to take the plunge and watch it. I loaded the seven episodes to my “Watch Later” list on Vimeo, hopped into bed, threw on my headphones and launched the Vimeo app on my phone.

After watching another gay-themed web show last year, I didn’t have high expectations for The Outs. But even though Sasha Winters’ character, Oona, was truly the only redeeming quality of the first episode I decided that I’d push on and try out the trailer for the second episode. I was hooked. Mainly because of Oona. She’s such a great character and I liked her immediately.

Why you should be watching

If you can get past the first episode, it’s honestly such an addicting show. It has drama, comedy, and heart but it’s also not your average series. To me, it just felt like an honest portrayal of gay life in New York. But that isn’t to say that nobody but gay men can enjoy it. It’s only slightly NSFW, but it doesn’t really delve too deep into nudity or on-screen sex scenes (the raunchiest scene is probably in the first few minutes of the first episode). The only issue I had with the series as a whole was that it had too much drug use (which, for me, any drug use besides alcohol is really unnecessary). But at the same time, almost any gay-themed series or movie tends to include drug use. Which is a completely different topic I’ll most likely post about in the future.

At its bones, The Outs is about three things we have all experienced: friendship, love, and heartbreak. In this season, the three core characters (Mitchell, Oona, and Jack) each take on one of those three things as their main issue in life - while simultaneously tackling the other two. What’s really interesting is that in one of the episodes, the history of these three people is explained and it just completely changed how I view each character. 

Warning: Slightly NSFW.

Watch the first episode above, on Vimeo, or at the official website. And when you’re done, tell me what you thought of the finale. We need a second season of The Outs. Get it trending, people!

Yo Ho Sebastian!

A few months back, I fell in love with Cosmo Jarvis' “Gay Pirates” and it's one of the first gay-themed love songs I have ever heard. And it will be incredibly hard to top, as I listened to it nonstop the past few months. The message, in my opinion, is best described in this comment from YouTube user, Jacob Harrison:


If you enjoy the song, please download it on iTunes and grab your free acoustic version here.

Jacob Rudolph, NJ teen, comes out at a school ceremony and receives standing ovation

I saw this story earlier on NBC New York and absolutely had to share it. Just imagine the amount of courage it must take to come out to your high school during an acceptance speech. It is absolutely stunning to me, having attended a religious high school where many did not accept me after coming out, to see people cheering and openly showing their support for their peer. What a difference a few years makes…

Shows Discovered in 2012 
Here’s a list of the television series that were either released or I started watching this past year
Torchwood → Science Fiction
White Collar → Drama
Arrow → Drama
Downton Abbey → Drama
Hunting Season → GLBT Web Series
The Vampire Diaries → Supernatural

Shows Discovered in 2012 

Here’s a list of the television series that were either released or I started watching this past year

Torchwood → Science Fiction

White Collar  Drama

Arrow  Drama

Downton Abbey  Drama

Hunting Season  GLBT Web Series

The Vampire Diaries  Supernatural

Country Sound 

Country music, for many, is the sound of traditional America and all that entails. But today what is traditional? That sound you once knew as representing pickup trucks and drinking brews with girls in sundresses has taken on a whole new meaning.

My friend, Jonathon Grant, recently sent me this video he starred in by Cornell University student Jesse Turk. You may remember Jonathon from my own short film, All I Ever Wanted. I thought it was so good I’d share it - what do you think?

My Top 5 Supernatural TV Shows

o1. Supernatural

A few of my friends are die-hard Supernatural fans and I never saw the appeal. I saw it as another one of those cult-following series, which it is, but it’s much more than that. Supernatural follows two brothers, Dean and Sam Winchester, as they fight demons and deal with angels - literally. Within a few episodes, I was hooked. All you need to do is watch the pilot in order to know if you’ll be interested or not. Why should you watch? If you like thrillers or horror movies, you might find that you’ll really enjoy this show. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I do. There is also a gay fan base, (if you’re a member of Tumblr already, you probably already knew this), and they sometimes pander to us in the show as well.

o2. Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf is NOT merely a television series of the movie, but rather a retelling with a modern twist put on it. If you’re avoiding it simply because you’re a fan of the movie, or you didn’t like the movie, this series is not just a remake. The show follows Scott and his best friend Stiles. Scott gets bitten by a werewolf and now has to go through high school with this huge secret (and increased other abilities), with Stiles helping him navigate through love, human life, and werewolf life. Other characters and villains are introduced along the way. Why should you watch? It’s intense and suspenseful. At my part-time job, there will be times where I’ll be alone in areas where it’s dark and quiet, and I’ll get paranoid that something could be watching you (talk about an overactive imagination). Plus, there is a loyal gay fan base and the creators know it and pay careful attention to that fact in the writing. Jase Peeple's article on is a good read, if you want to know more about that, though.

o3. Being Human (UK)

The US has a remade version of this series (which I honestly have no interest to see from the advertisements), but the UK version is the original. It follows a group of misfits who share a living space together as well as their secrets - one is a ghost, one is a werewolf, and one is a vampire. Being Human feels as if it’s meant for a more mature audience, so I wouldn’t expect it to be like Twilight or to have the same type of viewers. Why should you watch? I really liked the cast, though I’ve heard that most of the original cast is no longer on the show (I’m not caught up to the current season). I think the ideas presented and the storylines are a bit different and compelling.

o4. The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries is about…well… vampires, werewolves, and witches. Hey, at least the witches part is new? It’s definitely not the best supernatural show out there, but it does have a loyal audience, and good writing. I tend to get frustrated with some of the writing/directing, but it’s a teen drama so it’s not unexpected. The series revolves around Elena and two mysterious vampires, Damon and Stefan. It’s very much like Twilight in that Elena goes through the same process in finding out the guy she likes/is dating is a vampire, and doesn’t seem to be as freaked out by that as any normal person would. Why should you watch? I originally started watching when the show premiered, but lost interest after a few episodes. Years later, my brother’s girlfriend convinced me to give it a second chance and I’m glad that I did. It’s definitely a “guilty pleasure” type of show. Also, Ian Somerhalder is in it, so it’s worth a watch just for that (just try not to drool).

o5. Haven

Haven is really different from any other show I’ve seen. In a way, it reminds me a little bit of X-Men, but the “abilities” are bad and cause harm to the town. It’s also a sort of detective/mystery show, because the main characters are cops search for the person knowingly (or sometimes unknowingly) creating chaos. In addition, there’s this mystery behind who the protagonist is (which is unknown to her as well). Why should you watch? It’s a fun show to pass the time, but it’s not the type of show that I find myself rushing home to watch the latest episode. That being said, it’s really entertaining and has you guessing what will happen next and exactly who the protagonist is. 

So I recently received a DVD of eCupid from a promotional contest between TLA Releasing and The Karpel Group, and I thought it was a really sweet movie. eCupid is written and directed by J. C. Calciano (Steam Room Stories, Mission: Impossible) and is about a man about to turn 30 who is unsatisfied with his 7-year relationship with his boyfriend. He turns to a dating app that seems to randomly appear on his electronic devices simultaneously - and the rest of the film is his journey to find true love.

I really enjoyed this film because it was a cute idea and the acting wasn’t terrible (gay indie films are unfortunately notorious for having sub-par acting… usually), but it paled in comparison to Calciano’s 2010 film, Is It Just Me? which surprised me by becoming one of my top gay indie films.

In general, I think that eCupid was put together excellently as a whole. The only part of the film I had a problem with was the writing, especially because the idea is such a silly one. It almost feels as if Calciano decided that the idea wasn’t good enough, and just ran with what he had, which is a sweet and very enjoyable romantic comedy. It was disappointing because with just a little more time and care, I think that eCupid could have been more substantial (like Is It Just Me?) and jumped out of the cheesy rom-com area that films like this seem to fall victim to.

If you’re looking for a great gay romantic comedy this isn’t the best one out there - but it’s not the worst either. If you’re looking for a fun light-hearted gay rom-com, however, then definitely check out this filmI really hope to see more gay films from J. C. Calciano - I’ll keep my eyes peeled!

eCupid is available for purchase on DVD and VOD from multiple retailers. Find out where to buy here.