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All I Ever Wanted

Finally, the moment has arrived. The web premiere of All I Ever Wanted!

California’s ultimate party boy Carter (Jonathon Grant) typically spends each day going to the clubs having a good time followed by returning to the apartment he shares with his older sister Rochelle (Angela Zivica), where he continues the party. Rochelle, having had enough of his endless drunken nights and “sleepovers” with every guy in the city, takes matters into her own hands. 

Sent to New York to finish college, he finds himself faced with the same temptations he is trying to leave behind. Will Carter fall back into his old tricks or find something more?

The Outs

I had first seen a few photo posts on Tumblr as well as a few articles about Adam Goldman’s web show, The Outs, before I decided to take the plunge and watch it. I loaded the seven episodes to my “Watch Later” list on Vimeo, hopped into bed, threw on my headphones and launched the Vimeo app on my phone.

After watching another gay-themed web show last year, I didn’t have high expectations for The Outs. But even though Sasha Winters’ character, Oona, was truly the only redeeming quality of the first episode I decided that I’d push on and try out the trailer for the second episode. I was hooked. Mainly because of Oona. She’s such a great character and I liked her immediately.

Why you should be watching

If you can get past the first episode, it’s honestly such an addicting show. It has drama, comedy, and heart but it’s also not your average series. To me, it just felt like an honest portrayal of gay life in New York. But that isn’t to say that nobody but gay men can enjoy it. It’s only slightly NSFW, but it doesn’t really delve too deep into nudity or on-screen sex scenes (the raunchiest scene is probably in the first few minutes of the first episode). The only issue I had with the series as a whole was that it had too much drug use (which, for me, any drug use besides alcohol is really unnecessary). But at the same time, almost any gay-themed series or movie tends to include drug use. Which is a completely different topic I’ll most likely post about in the future.

At its bones, The Outs is about three things we have all experienced: friendship, love, and heartbreak. In this season, the three core characters (Mitchell, Oona, and Jack) each take on one of those three things as their main issue in life - while simultaneously tackling the other two. What’s really interesting is that in one of the episodes, the history of these three people is explained and it just completely changed how I view each character. 

Warning: Slightly NSFW.

Watch the first episode above, on Vimeo, or at the official website. And when you’re done, tell me what you thought of the finale. We need a second season of The Outs. Get it trending, people!

Yo Ho Sebastian!

A few months back, I fell in love with Cosmo Jarvis' “Gay Pirates” and it's one of the first gay-themed love songs I have ever heard. And it will be incredibly hard to top, as I listened to it nonstop the past few months. The message, in my opinion, is best described in this comment from YouTube user, Jacob Harrison:


If you enjoy the song, please download it on iTunes and grab your free acoustic version here.

Jacob Rudolph, NJ teen, comes out at a school ceremony and receives standing ovation

I saw this story earlier on NBC New York and absolutely had to share it. Just imagine the amount of courage it must take to come out to your high school during an acceptance speech. It is absolutely stunning to me, having attended a religious high school where many did not accept me after coming out, to see people cheering and openly showing their support for their peer. What a difference a few years makes…

Shows Discovered in 2012 
Here’s a list of the television series that were either released or I started watching this past year
Torchwood → Science Fiction
White Collar → Drama
Arrow → Drama
Downton Abbey → Drama
Hunting Season → GLBT Web Series
The Vampire Diaries → Supernatural

Shows Discovered in 2012 

Here’s a list of the television series that were either released or I started watching this past year

Torchwood → Science Fiction

White Collar  Drama

Arrow  Drama

Downton Abbey  Drama

Hunting Season  GLBT Web Series

The Vampire Diaries  Supernatural